Lauensteiner Praline seminar

Have a look behind the curtains – at a praline seminar at Lauenstein. Here the participants learn how to create those sweet delicacies and may even get involved in the handiwork of creating pralines – certainly having professional confectioners aside. Seducing and indulging, this is our handiwork! The taste of seduction! This is the slogan of the “Confiserie Burg Lauenstein” and our master confectioners take this word by word. If you are a passionate hobby pastry chef or you simply want to get to know, and experience, the process of praline manufacturing - you certainly learn from our professionals – truffle filling, layered chocolates, or Belgian pralines – it will be exciting!

Duration of the praline seminar: approx. 2.5 – 3 hours.
  1. Introduction of the “praline of the day” through Lauenstein staff.
  2. Coffee and cake on-site in the transparent manufactory.
  3. Selection of 12 pralines from Franconia’s longest praline bar – exclusively wrapped in an exquisite gift box.
  4. Lauenstein Chocolate Dictionary with all information about cocoa, chocolate and a recipe to take - away.
  5. You may certainly take your self-made masterpieces home.
Theoretical part:
  • Praline from the connoisseur
  • Movie “From cocoa to chocolate”

Practical part:
  • Pouring and garnishing of a chocolate bar
  • Creating and covering pralines
  • Garnishing and decoration own pralines

  • Fischbachsmühle 2, 96337 Ludwigsstadt

  • +49 9263 / 97 45 43
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