A variety of delicacies – finest handmade pralines

This may probably be the most beautiful composition of our exquisite praline - and truffle specialities. Truffles, pralines and chocolates - we offer our customers a flavourful and manifold delighting selection. The first praline was born in the 16th century, as the earl of Plessis – Praslin has asked for an exquisite dessert. The chef prepared all the fine ingredients and gave his scullion precise instructions. However, in the very day-to-day kitchen work, bearing in mind working for aristocrats in those days, routine became hectic, the chef lost its manners and the keen apprentice was given a smack on the cheek. Being all jazzed, he spilled caramelized sugar onto an almond and the very first fine praline was born - by accident. Due to the very lavish process of making pralines - these delicacies are known to be the high point in the art of chocolate making.