FAQ Frequently asked questions

Here we provide you a list with the most frequently asked questions (FAQ`s) and their answers. Should you have any further questions, please send us a message using the contact form. We are please to respond to your request.


May we introduce you to our new wish list?
The new wish list is visible for you once you log in to your customer account.
You find the new application on the right hand side on top of the page next to your shopping bag.

The new wish list features:
  • You may select and collect your favourite products and put them on your wish list.
  • You may share your personal wish list with your friends or share it with your social media crowd. Simply click on your wish list and than select the desired sharing option. You will be provided choices of social media networks.
  • Your shared wish list as visible as long as you desire and allow. You decide when your wish list is visible or not.

How do I add a product onto my wish list?
Once you are logged in with your customer account, you may add products to the list. Simply click on the “heart” icon on the picture.

What is the chocolate finder by Lauenstein?
The chocolate finder is our smart tool to find our way to your sweet tooth. It suggests creations, which suit your taste. Just enter your desired flavour and we give you exclusive recommendations.

What is the à la carte service?
Using our à la carte service you may fill your personal box with solely your favourite pralines. Your individual box will be wrapped according to your wishes and sent to you or your recipient.

Using the a la carte service you have the following options:
  • Choose a size out of 3 options for your praline box – 12, 20 or 30 pieces.
  • Choose every single praline individually for your box.
  • Choose an exclusive ribbon if you want your individual praline box to be a gift.
    When placing the order through your online shopping bag you may add a gift card.


How long does it take to receive your product?
In case you haven’t specified a delivery date, your purchase will be sent 2 (working) days after your payment has been accepted. We aim to ensure that all orders are received when expected. In case you ordered through billing, the purchase will be dispatched 2 (working) after receiving the order confirmation.

How much does packaging and postal service cost?

Shipping and handling charges

All prices are valid including legal value added tax (VAT) plus shipping costs.

Delivery costs within Germany we charge at a flat rate of €4,90.

If your purchase exceeds the cost of € 50, 00 we deliver your purchase free of charge to one selected destination address within Germany.
If your purchase is below the minimum order of € 15,00 we charge a mark up fee of € 5,00.

For express deliveries within Germany we charge an express fee of € 19,60.
If your order is placed before 10 pm we ensure a delivery on the same day.

If you desire payment on delivery when you place your first order, we gladly reimburse the COD charge worth € 4,20. An additional € 2,00 delivery charge must be paid by the recipient to the logistic service provider upon delivery of goods.

If COD is desired for every following order the following costs will be charged: COD fee € 4,20 and deliver charge € 2,00.

During the summer months we offer “chilled” shipping and charge an additional fee of € 7,50 for purchase below € 50,00. For purchases more than  €50,00 we charge a reduced fee of € 2,60 €.

Does Lauenstein offer chilled shipping?
Finally summer has arrived and brings lovely sunshine with it. No reason to spend the hot season without our finest handmade truffles, pralines and chocolates. If desired we offer “chilled” shipping. For an additional charge of € 7,50 (including postage within Germany) we add two reusable cool pads to your box. Like this you can enjoy your favourite chocolate specialities also on hot days. You may choose this extra option when completing your order.

To which countries can good be delivered by ordering through lauensteiner.de?
We currently deliver to the following countries:
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Schwitzerland
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Italien
  • Croatia
  • Luxembourg
  • the Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Turkey
  • Hungary
  • the United States of America


How do I order online?

Chose your desired products

After having added your desired products in the shopping bag, check the completion of your order by clicking on your shopping bag. Your items are listed there.

Shopping bag

Your chosen items are listed here. The sum displays the costs for your chosen products and the occurring postal charge. If you haven’t reached the minimum order quantity of € 15,00 an additional fee of € 5,00 will be charged. Here you also have the chance of changing the order quantity of your selected products or delete products and take them out of your shopping bag.´You may also choose if you continue shopping or if you want to proceed to “payments” within the ordering process.

Delivery address/Billing address

In this step you must inform us about your delivery and billing addresses. You may certainly distinguish between those two. It must not be the same address.

Payment method

In this step you can select your preferred payment method. You can choose between payment on delivery, SOFORTÜberweisung, PayPal, credit card and direct debit.


If you own a voucher you can enter the voucher code in a text box below the payment. Once the code has been entered the sum will be reduced by the amount the voucher contains.

Online order confirmation

Once you entered your payment method, you see all your items ordered at a glance including the products, delivery – and payment conditions. Through clicking back you get the chance once more to change and modify your order. Once you are satisfied with your order, please click “confirm order” and your order is placed. Your data will be used and processed solely for the purpose of this order and complies furthermore full data protection.

Order confirmation via Mail

You receive an order confirmation promptly after your order was placed and confirmed. An invoice will be sent to you after your payment method has been accepted.

Is there a minimum order quantity?
If you haven’t reached the minimum order quantity of € 15,00 we must charge an additional fee of € 5, 00.


Which payments methods are offered?
You may choose paying per credit card, debit entry, PayPal, invoice, “SOFORTÜberweisung”. When placing your first order, you also have the option of paying per invoice, debit entry per Billpay system. Once placing the second order and holding a customer account and correlating customer number you may order via regular invoice.

What is the option “SOFORTÜberweisung” and how does it work?
This option complies with the standard of classy online banking. You can take advantage of this system by basically transferring the charge directly to our company. You don’t have to register for an account or a virtual online account.
Simply chose SOFORTÜberweisung as payment method and you will be transferred directly to a secured landing page of an online payment form. You only have to enter your banking details and must confirm the payment with a code, as you do in classy online baking. You finalise and close your order by entering a TAN. The secured date will be safely sent to your online banking account. The online suppliers receives a confirmation about your order and payment in real –time. Featuring this advanced procedure you must not bear waiting time. Your order is processed immediately, compared to other paying methods where certain transaction time is needed. The suppliers are able to send your goods faster.

Which credit cards are accepted?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Is it possible to pay via billing?
Once you have registered for an online shop customer account you have certainly the option of paying after receiving a bill. This application however is only feasible after the first purchase.

What is PayPal?
PayPal is the most popular online financial service provider nowadays. PayPal allows customers to establish an account on its website which is connected to the users credit card or debit account. Once identification and proof of funds have been confirmed a user may begin sending or receiving payments. PayPal attempts to make online purchases safer by providing a form of payment that does not require the payer or payee to disclose credit card or bank account numbers. PayPal payments are quick, efficient and easy. Since we receive the payment in real time we can instantly prepare your purchase for shipping. Payments via PayPal are free of charge for the buyer.

What is the “Trüffelzins”?
This paying method does only exist for holders of “Genussscheinen” (vouchers) The holders have the option of choosing between “Kapitalzins” (interest rate) and “Trüffelzins” (truffle interest rate / interest measured in products). Being a holder of these paying vouchers you have an account with a credit balance in our shop system. When you are a holder of these vouchers and you participate in this program, you will receive your invoice by post. You receive this invoice similar to a common balance sheet, stating your balance minus your actual purchases.


I am a registered customer and I would like to pay via billing. Is this no more a payment option?
Paying via “bill” is certainly possible and part of our offered payment methods. When placing the order you must enquire login data that will be sent to you. Use this login data for entering your customer account when you place your next order and you will be able to pay via “bill”.

How do I get the required login data for my customer account?
When placing an order you always have the option of creating a customer account. Once you “check out”, you will be asked how you would like to proceed. Please choose “register” and create a password for your account. Once you have completed your order you can login to your account with your Email address, your address and your previously chosen password.