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It’s a long road before a chocolate can call itself Lauenstein!

“The soft chocolate flows out of the nozzle like liquid, golden brown copper. Carefully, the master craftsman applies an infinitely delicate pattern onto his new creation. This is a true crowning moment for a truffle.”
The phrase, “manufacture” signifies “handmade”. An aspiration that we still take literally at Lauenstein, day in, day out all for your enjoyment
The purity of the raw materials, knowledge about old, traditional recipes, the feel for shape and perfection - our staff bring all of these qualities into their work, every day. You will not be able to find any written documentation of this, because it is the result of years and decades of experience. Experience that you can taste, since Lauenstein truffles and chocolates never cease to create taste explosions in the mouth of the aficionado.

This is precisely our endeavour – the essence of our work.